We give strategic advice on proposals, manage consultation, assess impact, prepare applications for planning consent and support applications through decision-making and post-decision processes. We also provide stakeholder engagement, reporting and appeal services. .




Hamburg consultants give wonderful solutions for making full use of the areas of land for all projects. In additions to designing horizontal plans and facades, we designs Detailed sections in all parts of the buildings to facilitate all the necessary architectural details Preparing the external perspectives and project models to be shown in government conferences and prepare lists of the specifications and amounts of materials related to architectural works.




This we do by working creatively with the team to produce intelligent engineering solutions which respond to a number of criteria including technical, economic and environmental considerations.




Hamburg has been providing engineering services that range from Design, Supervision, and Testing & Commissioning, for all types of projects either it be Commercial, Residential, or even Hi-rise. We are very keen to apply the latest technologies and technicalities to our designs. All our services are applied per international relevant standards and local authorities’ regulations.




Our Teams has successfully completed a great number of projects that’s evident of quality services offered. We have developed a strong reputation for delivering technically complex integrated systems and highly knowledgeable and well experienced project engineers and managers who ensure that each project undertaken is fully accomplished satisfactorily and meet the requirements of client's efficiently and effectively.




The foundations of interior design are the ideas that initiate creativity within an enclosed space. The empty space becomes the medium which instigates the potential for this creativity. Success can be found with the complete harmony between the elements that are applied and the clear manner in which light, exterior views & the interior finishes are handlled.




From inception to completion, we plan, execute, and control projects backed by proactive planning and first-hand knowledge of contract terms, client objectives, responsibilities, and capabilities. Project budgets are continuously monitored to secure budget and contract compliance. Adept technical and human resources are pooled to forge effective project organization structures. .




Hamburg offers a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” preconstruction, construction and construction management services. We provide engineering, design, construction, commissioning, and start up for projects ranging from water treatment and conveyance to environmental remediation and renewable energy. We have the necessary capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital to offer our clients fully-integrated project delivery services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency.




Hamburg handles all aspects of property management for multifamily and office properties nationwide ranging from conventional market-rate and high-rise towers to affordable property types. Some of our essential areas of focus include Integrated Property Management, Facilities Management, Accounting, Marketing and Leasing and Risk Management.



Our Vision

Hamburg is a consulting engineering firm that has been providing a full range of services to government and non government clients.

Services Overview

We are a group of highly qualified consultants, whose expertise in large and complex projects covers all major disciplines of design ,construction and management services.

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